CasinoCoin: First Official Poker Ambassador

by QuadJacks

It’s fresh. It’s new. CasinoCoin has its first professional poker ambassador! Today we’re excited to introduce Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis and explain how he will help promote CasinoCoin via his various social media and professional poker channels. We hope you’re ready for some fun and excitement!

Who is Evan Jarvis?

Evan is many things. A book could be written. In fact, he just finished writing one that will be available soon. But that’s not all. As a professional poker coach, player, commentator, and streamer all wrapped into one, it was inevitable that Evan would become a massive fan of XRP and CasinoCoin. See where we’re going with this? Evan as a CasinoCoin ambassador, described in two words — perfect fit!


  • Poker earnings: Over $1m
  • Coach: PokerCoaching
  • Sponsored: Americas Cardroom
  • Partner: GGPoker
  • Ambassador: CardsChat
  • Commentary: 2021 WSOP and more

How will Evan help CasinoCoin?

  • Streaming: CasinoCoin will have many fun events using Evan’s stream as a launch point. Evan streams poker, marbles, and slots (soon).
  • Promotion: Evan will be promoting CSC to his followers and casinos.
  • Casinos: Evan works with many friends within the poker industry; he will be helping us get listed on casinos that may have been inaccessible previously.
  • Website: 10% discount for using CSC on for items sold by Evan Jarvis, Alex Fitzgerald, and Mike Wasserman.

Evan’s Following

How will CasinoCoin help Evan?

When we discussed with Evan what he wanted out of this collaboration, it was pretty simple. He wants to grow his community while continuing to expand the gambling and cryptocurrency ecosystems. Sound familiar? One of us!

CasinoCoin is growing extremely fast across the board, and we’re very excited to add Evan to the #CSCNation family. So be sure to follow him on all the platforms and watch his stream. Expect to see him on the tables soon!

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