Project Pipeline

TaskDescriptionStatusCompletion %
Task 1This is the description for task 1Not Started


Task 2This is the description for task 2Complete


Task 3This is the description for task 3In Progress


Task 4This is the description for task 4In Progress


What is this?

The CasinoCoin project pipeline is the place to see what products and features the CasinoCoin team are working on. Similar to a roadmap, this will help you understand the current priorities of the team and how far along each project is.

What happened to the roadmap?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that CasinoCoin needs to remain agile and be able to quickly react to new opportunities and market conditions. Our product roadmap is constantly changing as new priorities and opportunities arise, so we believe sharing our project pipeline instead still gives the community a snapshot of what we’re working on, without committing to specific dates, and which can change with very little notice.

Our Historical Roadmap is still accessible, but for the most recent updates, please make sure you check this page.